Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November already?

Wow, I really let things get away from me this time.  We have been living a crazy life lately and trying to get into a routine again is hard. 

Jozie started walking, YAY! And has become Bailey's shadow.

Bailey got to attend her first real concert (Bleu Edmunson) at the Spur Fest concert. She of course danced her little heart out and was sacked out before we got halfway back through town.

Jozie got her first hair cut! She hated it by the way, LOL

Then we had an ear infection she could not get rid of. We had three different antibiotics and I think it may be on the mend for sure now. Now everyone pray she does not get another runny nose or anything. But you can def tell she is feeling better. She has become very attached to her little lamby that has the paci on it... more for the lamb, she holds it when she sleeps. So two nights this week it has gotten misplaced and had to be found after a screaming fit over it. WOW, she has a temper. She found her voice and says CUP and Pawpa. She says MarMar but its not real clear just yet. She also tells us bye bye and starts down the hall in the mornings after I put her shoes on. If I am not fast enough she gets to the laundry room and screams and points at her bag til I get there. She is ready to GO!

Jozie finally weighed in enough to turn around in her carseat! So now I have two little monsters back there talking to me. But I got a new car and the girls LOVE it. It has a DVD player, but I love it for other reasons, not just because they are quite, :) hehehe

We had a fun Halloween and the girls were super cute! Jozie even figured out the trick or treating. We went to a few houses in our neighborhood this time and Bailey thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Bailey is loving dance class even more now. So glad she likes it!

She is NOT liking the time change. Its dark pretty much when we get home and she is unhappy about that and has told me everyday this week. She was super upset the other night when Blake Shelton won over Taylor Swift on the CMA awards. She is a Taylor superfan!

Its almost her birthday, I can't believe she is about to be 4 years old!
She is getting so big and doing really good with school. She can write A through I withouth any help now, and I am amazed daily on some of the things she knows.

She listened to us talk all evening on election night and we finally figured out an explaination that made sense to her on what the president is and quickly picked up who we were voting for. We optimistically told her that we would go get Big Reds and Icecream if Romney won! Well, she was a little disappointed when she got up on Wednesday morning. Oh well, right along with the rest of us.

So for the history part of this blog to my girls... Obama was reelected by this country to be our president for a second term.

We also had family pictures at the farm in October. Not that great but we had fun. All the girls were crazy!

There are a lot of pics attached and for those of you on've already seen them but for those not, enjoy.

Jozie's first haircut!  Can you tell she was NOT thrilled?

My little Evel Knievel

Checking out the big stuff animals at Berhingers

And we are walking finally...

My 80s popstar Indian Princess...this is what she did while we watched the presidental debate... I think she made better use of her time than we did, LOL

Those comics sure make one tired

Finally Jozie weighs 21 lbs so she can face forward! 

Playing dress up as mommy... I do NOT dress like that daily, but she looked super cute, maybe I should try her style :)


Baby goats!

Baby goats!

Chelsea cheezing for Aunt Lori

Pumpkin painting at Mims's (MarMar's)

Roasted pumpkin seeds are pretty awesome!

Watching Eric Church sing SPRINGSTEEN on the CMA Awards... she was on cloud 9

I leave the kitchen for two minutes to help Bailey and this is what the Jozie monster was up to!

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