Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Friday, August 31, 2012

Jozie is 1

Well, Labor Day weekend is upon us today.  Lots of friends had kids starting preschool or grade school.  I am sure Miss Addie is LOVING school and I know Peyton had a blast on her first day.  Bonnie (and Banks) got back into the swing of things a week early but made it through and Sky started at her new school, and I hope she is loving it over in Midway! 

Jozie turned the big 1.  She had an ear infection to go along with it but for the most part was a happy crazy kid.  She is fast becoming Bailey's shadow, just like I knew she would.  She got her very own Barbies and books for her birthday from Pammie, MarMar and Granny so they will not fight over them.... haha Yeah Right!  Now Bailey wants her Barbies too. Oh well, they will learn to get along.  MarMar keeps envisioning Brent at some point standing on the porch with one under each arm trying to get them to stop fighting each other.  But Bailey tells me she loves Jozie.  I think she gets frustrated since now we can't have crayons out and all snacks that are reachable Jozie wants too.  But Bailey shares and its been going good. 

My Jozie girl LOVES music as much as Bailey.  We just spend some evenings with the music channels on the TV and they dance and dance... well Jozie bops more or less right now but getting braver each day and not holding onto to anything.  I think as soon as she gets the balance thing down she will be running.

We have been busy since August started and now that its over... we have all been sick.  Hopefully Brent gets over his soon!  We even had to cancel our Ranger game plans this past Sunday cause that horrible virus arrived at 2am on Sunday morning and put Bailey in our bed with 102 fever...and landed us in bed til Monday afternoon. 

Bailey start dance class the first of August and is LOVING it.  She is always wanting me to put on her ballet music for her so she can dance through the house.  And of course its a great excuse to dress up in tutus. 
We had a little storm come through a couple of weeks ago and took down the jungle gym.  Its back up now... probabaly more study than before since Daddy was superman and rebuilt it for Miss Bailey.  Then he added an extra surprise and put some of the bionoculars on it for her.  She was SO happy she could swing again you would have thought Brent hung the moon for her... well I guess he did in her eyes.

Miss Peyton turned 4 early in August and she invited Bailey for a pedicure party.  So Rena and I took them to a place on the mall in Temple... they had their own little special chairs and got to soak their tooties and the guys were so sweet to them.  They brought them a capri sun and even painted their little toes with zebra stripes.  It was a nice morning and the girls were super cute.

The girls went with mom and Brent to the Turnersville Stampedee this year.  I had to work but I got a full update from Bailey.  She got her face painted like a butterfly and loved it.  I think the had fun, even though it was a million degrees out there.

Well, I think that is about it til next month.  I can't believe my baby is one already and Bailey is only 3 months from being 4!  OMG they are growing up TOO fast for me.

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