Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's happening this summer

Wow... its already the end of July!
We have had a wonderful summer so far and lots of milestones for all of

F8 is getting more contracts everyday... which means Brent is super busy.
But he is still finding time for his girls. He even took me on a weekend trip to Fredricksburg two weeks ago.

Jozie managed to say momma that weekend (July 7th).

Jozie is crawling now, as of Monday... she keeps one leg up and then the other knee is down and
she does get places... but she is not shadowing Bailey just yet. I am sure that is coming soon along with Bailey screaming cause she is in her toys. Jozie pulls up on everything now and if she could she
would walk. If you hold her hands she stands right up. Even manages to walk to
the bathroom for bathtime like that almost everynight now. 
She played in the pool with Bailey and I this past Saturday for almost 45
minutes. Even then she was still happy but was starting to get tired so we got
out. Then we watched Bailey jump off the ladder 12 times before she decided she
was tired too. :)

So Jozie has several words now... dada, momma (the latest), Bailey, hi, bye,
bottle, ball and duck duck (in the bath she loves the duckies). No more baby
food :( I was so sad three weeks ago when I sent some for three days and it all
came home cause she began eating her meals from preschool. I am sad since I
enjoyed making and since that means my BABY is growing too fast. Just this
morning, while Bailey was dressing herself (she started that last week and has
been doing really good) Brent told her NO, STOP I will help you cause that means
you are too big... poor daddy wants his girls to stay babies. Me too

Bailey has been my dress up queen lately and learning so much. 

She had a princess dance class and tea party at Expectations and has been Cindrella everyday since then, good thing we finally found the other blue princess shoe. I was worried about her class at preschool since they changed teachers, and I met the new teacher and thought to myself, those kids are going to run all over her. But apparently I was wrong. She is doing good and knows her letters and will spell out the word as she sees it... if she is in a good mood. She is however figuring out how to get out of things... my head hurts, my tummy hurts, oh I need a nap right now. Crazy girl.

She had a BLAST on the 4th of July on the huge water slide Pammie reserved for us to have at the house. I think all the other kids loved it too. Brent got them some sparklers and they were crummy. So then he went down and bought some more fireworks and some other, better sparklers. The kids had lots more fun with them. 




We took the girls to see Brave... an afternoon movie was not a great idea.
They both watched about 30 minutes of it then fell asleep. Bailey went this
weekend with Addie to the drive in and saw it and watched it this time. Our
trip to the drive in with Peyton, Rena and Shane to see Madagascar3 was crazy
and I think we will all be watching it when it comes out to rent... the girls
wanted to build a tent in the back of Shane's truck and then wanted snacks and
then did not like where they were sitting and on and on and on... but both were
wide awake when we headed home! 
Jozie letting Otto clean her hands... yuck!  We immediately went to the bath

We celebrated Carson's second birthday with a farm party and a water slide...
that he hated. But he LOVED his cake! 

Kate holding Baby Jozie


This one was not wrapped and he wanted it more than anything else!


Farmer Carson, Planting beans!


Goody buckets with bug barns, ballons and bubbles and a farmer snack of goldfish



This weekend is set aside to cull out clothes too small for Miss Jozie and Bailey too.
Some fun at the Coryell Creek Critter Cook-off on Friday and a
Bailey in the water bubble at the cookoff
dinner out for Chad's birthday! Can't believe my baby brother is going to be
28. His baby girl is getting too big too. But best of all she is staying with
Miss Angie now! She is just the cutest niece ever

Pammie has decided to stay where she is for now... and currently enjoying the
beach in South Carolina! Sad we could not be with her but I think she is having
a good relaxing time. 
(update... she got stuck in Georgia for an extra day and lost her phone so the end of her trip was a little stressful for Pammie and she was SO happy to get home)

I just realized I never did put any pics from Brent's bday party, crawfish boil up
Here are some and the kids had just as much playing with them as the adults did eating.

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