Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer is here

We have been super busy!  And its not looking to slow down til fall.
We took MarMar and Pawpa out for their birthday the end of May.  We went to a resturant that had live music and Bailey was totally thrilled and just stood staring at the guitar player... guess maybe we should ask Santa for one and lessons :o.
Then we went to Port A the first of June and have lots of fun!  Pammie and MarMar joined us and I think they relaxed and enjoyed their vacation too.

Jozie really did NOT like the water... actually I shoud say she hated the water, but LOVED the sand.  She was pretty crabby but MarMar and Pammie decided it was those top teeth coming in and found the oragel and helped her feel better.  Bailey was like a little fish and went out pretty deep.  She loved the boogie board and riding the waves back to the shore.  If you ask what her favorite part was she will tell you, "the crabs."  LOL we got lots of little hermit crabs and Bailey had fun watching them come out of their shell and crawling on her hands.
We had a shrimp boil on the deck at our condo... original plan was to have it on the beach but it was just TOO windy that day.  We got fresh shrimp from an awesome little resturant and fresh seafood market in Port A the first night.  Oceans of Seafood is great, and their fresh seafood is awesome too.

When we got home Monday Bailey started her swimming lessons with Brant and Patti.  They say she is doing awesome for her age... I am very proud of her.. Has not cried once and once got water all in her nose once since she started... she is floating on her back and holding her breathe and blowing bubbles excatly when she needs to.  So very proud of my little fish.

1st swimming LESSON with Brant and Patti
Jozie has decided to like tummy time a little better and we did get her to rock on her knees some.  Then I find out at daycare that she has been pulling herself up to standing at the toys... she has NOT done this at home.  Hopefully before her first birthday in a little over two months we will be crawling good, possibly walking.  Sometimes when she plays I think she wants to do just that... walk, not crawl.
She has not been a big fan of the pool at MarMar's yet either, but we will try again tomorrow.

This week we have vacation bible school, more swim lessons and Olympics Day at gymnastics. WOW!  I am tired already.  Going to make Brent a nice Father's Day dinner on Sunday and enjoy my weekend.

Our Sandcastle... with flags and a high wall, there was a mote in front but it filled thru the day

She was starving... did not even care if everyone got a plate just her

My dancing queen... she loves her Springsteen song (Eric Church)

Baileyzilla has struck

shrimp boil at the beach
Look at me!  I can do this

One red solo cup and I am happy!!!!

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