Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Monday, May 7, 2012

Just us

Well we have just been getting by lately.  Lots going on and super busy all time.

Last week Justin Stephens took Bailey and I flying.  She was so excited and had a great time. I think she is going to LOVE flying.  I can't wait to take her on a trip with us on a big plane.  Anyhow we had fun and got to fly over the house and town.  Pretty awesome and see the sunset.
My flygirl!

We got Jozies ears pierced this weekend, she looks so cute!

 Bailey has been battling pneumonia and last week she took steriods and breathing treatments to try to clear it up.  With a randomly returning low grade fever now we are not sure and will be talking to the dr tomorrow morning again. Twice this weekend she wanted to go swimming and again I had to tell her no.  I feel really bad cause this makes two weekends she has not gotten to play because of a fever.  Hopefully this week we can get her completely well.  Anyhow, since we could not go camping and swimming in the creek with Addie we brought camping to Bailey in the living room.  The little boy in Brent came back and I think they had more fun making the tent then spilling the popcorn and eating popsicles than actually watching any of the movie.  We rented We Bought A Zoo and it was good, but Bailey fell asleep so she watched it on Sunday afternoon.

Brent and f8 are crazy busy, but he managed to spend most of the weekend at home.  He worked so hard on the front flower beds while I was gone to town only to have the dogs tear them up late Saturday night and again yesterday.  I am crossing my fingers that it is not completely destroyed when I get home today.  We got a plastic pool and filled for them so maybe they busied themselves with that and stayed cool. 

Got a lot coming up in the next few weeks and months.  Mandee (my cousin) is getting married this weekend, and I am sure it will be beautiful. And its Mother's Day so that makes us all happy.  Thursday is Brent's birthday and I hope we can managed to get him something that Bailey won't tell him.  She already told him what she is going to buy him... the kid CANNOT keep a secret. :)  Oh well.
Dad is about to get everyone started on Pammie's new house next to us so we will have a lot of activity around now and we have a beach trip planned. 

Next weekend is Brent's actually birthday party and we are having a CRAWFISH BOIL.  I have lots to do before then to get the house cleaned and all my party preps done and ready.  But super excited and we have some friends from out of town coming and Bailey is going to be on cloud nine that Morgan and August are coming up.  Can't wait.
And best of all... I think MarMar is working on getting the pool ready!!! Maybe by her birthday we can swim!  HINT HINT!!! hehehehe

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