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Birthday Tickers

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Big Apple

Well I have been home over a week now from the big city...  I can honestly say, I had fun but LOVE home and was happy to get back to the quite. There are SO many things to see that I know we didn't even really touch on it all but we did see the major things.
Of course we visted the Statue of Liberty... and I must say Lady Liberty is an awesome site.  You just cannot imagine how massive she is until your standing on the ground in front of it.  The inside is currently closed due to construction so we did not get to go inside and to the top.  It was still so awesome to see in person.  Looking at it on TV you can just never really feel how big Lady Liberty is.  While waiting the the mile long line for a little over an hour we got to enjoy the cherry blossoms on all the trees at Battery Park.  I could not smell anything but mom and Brandy informed me it smelled wonderful.

Our hotel was right off Times Square so we were in a great location.  We actually walked almost everywhere except when we were on the tour bus which was really not that much.
We went on a carriage ride thru central park, and even though it was already dark it was really cool.

We went to the 911 Memorial on Saturday.  I thought it was emotionally overwhelming.  Its sad but at the same time its amazing that a memorial of that magnitude now stands for all those lost to us on the day.  The pools are maginificant and kuddos to all that worked on designing and building it.

We visited both the TOP of the ROCK and the Empire State Building... I prefer the TOP of the ROCK.  Its not as crowded and there are three levels to go on and you can see the Empire State Building from it.

Did not get up early enough to make it down for the TODAY show... sorry mom, maybe next time.
We found an awesome little deli down the street from our hotel and ate there as many times as possible.  Best pizza and huge muffins and cupcakes and great sandwhiches.  The guys knew us when we walked in on our last day.  We became regulars very quickly. 
Sunday we finally found a starbucks at the right time, LOL with almost 200 in the city you would have thought we would have lived in one the whole time.

Then we went to Broadway... WICKED... It was AWESOME!!! I loved it.
If you ever have the chance to see it or maybe even just read the book... do it!


After a restful 3 hours sitting in a nice cool theater, we treked to the subway for the first time and hopped on and headed to the Bronx... the Yankee Stadium and watched the baseball game.  Mom had never been to a real baseball game and we think she liked it.


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