Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hop Hop Hop went the Easter Bunny

Well Easter has come and gone... I can't really beleive that yet. 

We had an eventful weekend.  We cooked dinner for my family on Saturday evening and Bailey hunted eggs in the dark, then we went to Pammie's on Sunday.  Bill (Brent's stepgrandfatther) went into Scott and White Sunday morning with chest pains and shortly after lunch they put in 2 stints after he had a heart attack.  He is doing well and should get to go home soon. So we were missing some people on Sunday but had a blessed day.  My girls had been sick and this allergy junk just will not go away.  Went to the dr on Thursday with Bailey and she had bronchitis.  Then on Monday we had to take Jozie and she has a sinus infection.  I think they are on the mend now just still have the cough and runny nose... gotta love this Texas weather.  Really no winter and spring was like 2 days long now its pretty much summertime out there. CRAZY.

Eggs in a nest for Easter breakfast... thanks to Daddy

Miss Bailey,
 wondering if the Easter Bunny came back while she was sleeping

I think she made some comment to pawpa about that being her cooler... LOL

Stuffed pork tenderloins Brent cooked for Saturday night dinner; yummy!

Egg hunting at night!

Well I leave in the morning for a trip with mom and Brandy to New York for 4 days.  We plan to have lots of fun in the Big Apple but I will be a long way from my babies.  Hope Brent is ready for his time alone with the girls.  Dr. Seuss is becoming a fav for Bailey although I think she has memorized the books already and knows before I read the page what is says. I hope they are good for him and they have lots of fun with Daddy.
Jozie has the two bottom teeth in now and we think those top two are starting to cut through.  Rather crabby until she gets some oragel and tylenol but then we are happy as a clam.  She is sitting up now so bathtime is her favorite time of evening now.  But she sure loves dinnertime too.  That kid can eat! 

We recently found out that our best friends are now expecting.... I am SO excited for Justin and Bonnie Latham.  And I am hoping its a girl!!! hehehe.

Anyhow, I will post lots of pics next week from my trip and then we need to start planning some family fun for my girls and this warm weather.

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