Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring in Texas with my pretty little girls

Well the slacker in me had taken over for the past month.  I think we are now back on track.  With our crazy life lately it seems there is just not enough time to get everything done.  So a lot has been happening and my girls are just too cute lately. :)

Miss Jozie actually started loving her rice cereal... then her body decided it did not like it and the afternoon of Valentine's day we found her little body covered in a horrible rash. We elimated the carrots but continued the cereal but it still stayed, then we went back to only bottles and no food and it just disappered in less than a day.  It's amazing how much I can freak out about something then get uncannily calm.  We had a full 25 food allergy testing done on March 12th.  AND Jozie is not allergic to anything.  They are suspecting it is one of the MANY preservatives in the rice cereal that she is actually allergic to.  Imagine that?   That is the exact reason all fruit and veggies are made by me, check out

So since then we are just feeding her fruits and veggies and she is a whole new kid.  More active, happy and sleeping very well most nights. 

On Sunday, March 18th she finally had one of her bottom teeth cut thru.  Now we know why she was SO crabby all week and would not even finish her bottles. I think the daycare ladies were getting worried about her not eating.  Now I am sending her baby food to daycare and she is eating it all and eating more at dinner with us.  LOVING this part of her being a baby.  She is so cute with carrots or peas smeared everywhere.  So far she loves carrots, apples, peas and bananas and MOST of all alvacados, she loves them even with some pepper and salt just mushed up.  It is supposed to be the SUPER food so maybe its working.  We get home and play or nap, then eat then have a bath with Bailey and then she is ready for her pjs and already rubbing her eyes before I can get her last bottle.  The drinks her bottle (still WILL NOT hold it) and then she just crashes for the night. AMAZING, especially cause since the time change Bailey won't go to sleep. I think one night in the last two weeks we finally got in bed and she was asleep by 9:20.  Most nights we are in bed and already had her book read and prayers said by 8:40 and she just lays in there talking to herself to keep herself awake until after 10.  That makes the mornings SO wonderful. 

Jozie is learning to keep her balance a little and has a great time sitting up playing.  She will also grab the spoon and put it in her mouth if I let her... but won't hold the bottle, what is up with that?!

Bailey got big girl glasses yesterday, I hope they make it thru preschool today. :O they are not as  bendy as the little toddler ones, but she was outgrowing them. 
Took some  bluebonnet pics this weekend right in our yard. Maybe this weekend we can squeeze in the Jeep ride and go look for more.  We moved the baby swing onto Bailey jungle gym on Sunday and Jozie LOVES it, even when the sun was shining right in her eyes she was just smiling and laughing.   She has the cutest laugh saved for Bailey.  They can be laying in the floor or Jozie in her bouncer and Bailey just just sit down and talk and play with her "saying I gonna get you" and tickle her belly a little and Jozie just laughs like crazy. Hopefully they continue to be friends, but I see the day coming when she is getting to Bay's toys and we have fight on our hands.  Crossing my fingers and praying on that one not to happen.
our little tomboy that loves dresses... sometimes she finds that does not work as she wants LOL

Mom, Brandy and I leave in just 15 more days to go to NYC for 4 days.  I am very excited but nervous to be that far away from my babies too.  But I know Brent will do just fine... however I will be laying out clothes this weekend for each day I am gone so he does not have to hunt for matching outfits. Got my shopping for outfits done and found some shoes I passed up but still want so bad.  About to purchase our Broadway play tickets and then we are set.  Can't beleive I am taking this trip without Brent but it will be lots of fun with mom and Brandy.  So many things to see in such a short time, glad we have a plan.... sort of.

The biggest thing lately is Brent moving f8 Tech offices to downtown.  He rented an office building on Leon St. right off the square and we did some demo/remodel work prior to moving him.  So the weekend that it rained ALL day on Saturday, I think March 10th he moved all his office stuff up there and got semi settled.  They still have one room to paint the walls on and we need to do some more decorating but waiting on wall posters for that.  He is very happy there and seems to be more productive while there. 

Well I think that is enough for now.  Easter is just a couple of weeks away and hopefully I can find cute dresses for the girls to wear.

Picking Wildflowers

mmmm.... sweet tea with daddy

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