Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Its the day filled with LOVE! 
Bailey and Jozie got a surprise Valentine early on Saturday so this morning was just another day.  Aunt Brandy delivered a cute little furry something in a box late Saturday afternoon.  Bailey was super excited about her surprise and I think we shocked her into silence... for a few seconds at least, when she opened up the box. :)  But the smile on her face was worth a million bucks.  Jozie likes him too, but not being mobile makes it a little hard to play with a new puppy.  Jagger and Otto are becoming fast friends and I am sure they will be getting into some mischief soon!  Jagger is a boxer like Otto but brown... so no sunburning on him, YAY!
Bailey LOVES him so it was perfect timing. 
She has a party at preschool today and we made super cute valentines for her class and I hope they like them. 

Arrow valentines with pencils for boys and girls
Heart shaped marshmallow pops, dipped with sprinkles

Daddy did my hair on Saturday

"It's a puppy??!!"

And the torture begins... she insists on carrying him all the time

Nap time

Nap time again

Jozie has been eating some carrots since last week and she sure is a cutie when her face is all orange!  We got some snow flurries on Sunday and Bay ran out in them and came back in.  It was just TOO cold out there.  Jozie was napping and slept thru it all.
yum... carrots
"Oh he's cold, I will carry him inside"  OMG the poor dog will forget how to walk!

I love my girls and hope they are having a wonderful day.  And my love for Brent grows each and everyday.  I am so very happy that 6 years ago today he asked and I said yes to our marriage that continues to get stronger with each day.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Wolff's

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