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Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Is Awesome so far

Well another month has come and gone... My babies are growing up WAY too fast!  Jozie turned 5 months old this past week and she is becoming a little ham and so very spoiled.  She has a temper and it not afraid to show it.  Even the ladies at the daycare tell me she knows how to get mad.  Turns red in the face and everything.  We have all been sick again and again with allergies and crude.  I think maybe we are FINALLY starting to get over it.  But it seems to be everytime the weather changes (daily here right now, Tuesday its 78 degrees and sunny and by Wednesday night its in the 30s.) CRAZY TEXAS WEATHER! 

Jozie has been trying cereal, and on Sunday night I think I finally figured out that she really doesn't like it... LOL who would.  Anyhow the kid ate a fourth of a applesause snack cup.  Tonight I am going to try to get her some carrots made in time for dinner and we can see how she likes some veggies.  She is growing like crazy and really laughing with Bailey a lot now.  Some nights she even joins us in Bailey's room for bedtime story.  But most of the time after her bath she is ready to rock for a few mins or just lay in her bed and go to sleep. 

Bailey has been learning a lot of new things lately, not all good.  :) We have gotten time out at preschool a couple of times now for sassing the teacher.  Hopefully she can get calmed down on that soon and start acting like the well mannered child she is... was... is.  Since the weather has been pretty she wants to go outside even more.  So glad we moved her jungle gym to the backyard. 
She has learned to swing by herself!!! So she likes to go swing, just us to push her a couple of times to get started then she is happy to swing for 30 minutes.  That gives me perfect time to get things settled in the house and ready to start dinner when she comes in.

We tried to take some cute Valentine pics this weekend but Jozie did NOT like the wind so we will have to try again. 

Hope everyone is having an awesome new year and it only gets better for yall.

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