Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bailey Marie is 4!

Wow how the time has just flown.  I am so sad to see my baby getting so big, but she is a pretty awesome little girl.  She loves craft time and is doing GREAT at preschool.  She is very into music and Taylor Swift right now.  Actually any girl song is good with her, she just sings her heart out on all of them.  But Taylor is her fav. 

We took a few pics of her for her birthday... but may take more since we have her cast off now.  Oopps... I just realized that was not in the other blog post. 
The week before Halloween she fell and we thought it was just bruised.  After two weeks of her complaining every now and then that it hurt a little we went to the dr.  Of course I felt like a horrible mommy.  It had a small buckle fracture towards the end of the bone near her elbow.  So they put a splint cast on it and we ended up having it on for almost 4 weeks.  However, yesterday Dr. W said it looked healed enough to take the cast off.  Just in time for her birthday. She just has to be a little carefule and not rough housing with Daddy, gymnastics or trampoline jumping til Christmas.

We had a great Thanksgiving.  Bailey got so dirty in the goat pen trying to catch the babies she had to have a bath and new clothes before MarMar would let her in the house.  But she was having fun so oh well.  She is all girl sometimes and sometimes NOT!

We have our tree up and this weekend is Bailey's birthday party... Ariel Little Mermaid.  I hope they have lots of fun!  Bailey even has a mermaid tale to wear :)

Bedtime stories...

Right before lunch on Thanksgiving... She was NASTY! 

Ariel Super girl!

First supper at the NEW f8 offices!  Opening Soon!

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