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Birthday Tickers

Monday, December 24, 2012

New Christmas Traditions for 2012

This year Bailey and Jozie got a new Christmas friend.  We named him Stix, and he is Santa's special helper.  He was very active in our house and did accidently get touched by Miss Jozie once but Santa was VERY understanding and gave him his magic back so he could still fly to the North Pole at night and report on the girls. Bailey loved getting up in the morning and seeing where he had decided to land when he came back.  He was a silly little elf, but we will miss him hanging around. The photos are in total opposite order so the last one is the note saying goodbye he left on Christmas Eve.



Bailey got Brent to help her write a special letter to Santa.  She even asked Santa to bring Jozie something special and we dropped it in the mail on a day that was warm enough for shorts.  Crazy Texas weather!

Hometown Christmas parade was a first for the girls and I think they both really enjoyed it.  Jozie loved her sucker and Bailey got to play with Chelsea, Addie and Laine.  We have gone through the park lights display 5 times now and she loves it everytime!  And the guy up the road had a TON of blowups in his yard, pretty awesome display.

Santa pics were not so great this year but at least they are not crying... in the picture yet! LOL

Baking cookies

Making ornaments and painting them with Daddy!

Awesome gift for the grandpa with everything and three granddaughters! 
My dad is a great pawpa, but with three granddaughters he is a bit overwhelmed sometimes... so I made him a survival kit as part of his Christmas gift.  I added a bottle of hand sanitizer to the top, because honestly sometimes we are not sure what all the girls have been into when they come back to the house after being gone with pawpa.  Goat pen, feed trailer, tractor, his truck, the dog food bowl on the patio... Really there could be anything on those little hands. 
I filled the snap close tub with Goldfish, Oreos, Smarties, Marshmallows, Cheese N Crackers, Peanut Butter Crackers, and some Juice bottles.  The juice bottles are reuseable so he can just refill with water or more juice or milk, and each of the girls have their own that is personal to them so he won't mix them up. :) Since we have one that still currently has a paci... just to be safe I threw one in.  Never know when you might lose that and it can become a major melt down instantly.

I thought it turned out to be a really cute idea and wanted to share. 


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