Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jozie- "I am 2 months old"

 Well, I returned to work on Monday of this week. Memaw is keeping Miss Jozie but I think Jozie is wearing her out even though she sleeps most of the day still. She is getting too big, already in 3 months clothes. It took Bailey forever to grow that much. She has a beautiful smile just like my Bailey does. Tonight we carved a pumpkin, decorated another with Bailey and I finished cleaning up my completed bathroom. Overall we had a fun and busy night. Bailey got her preschool pics today and they are pretty stinking cute. We are having "Bailey's Halloween Bash" this Friday night and she just cannot wait.

Bathroom BEFORE

Bathroom AFTEr

Bailey and Frankenstein

My Pinterest Craft (2011 Halloween ghosts)

2 months old

Jozie was busy sleeping while we carved the pumpkin

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