Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Fall Yall & HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bailey

Well here it is November 29th.  Today is Miss Bailey Marie's 3rd birthday.  Its so hard to believe that three years ago, just about now (1:56pm) I was getting admitted to SW and at excatly 10pm that night I got to see my beautiful Bailey girl for the first time.  My how things has changed in those three years.  Bailey is one of the lights of my life and she keeps me on my toes everyday.  She is 3 and sometimes she talks to us like she is a teenager already.  In this last year Bailey has started a new school, got glasses and got a baby sister and learned a new Taylor Swift song and even got to hold a pig at Clancy's party...LOL she has a LOT to be thankful for.  At preschool for Thanksgiving they made I am thankful for posters and she is thankful for mommy and daddy.  She is SO sweet and loving.  She loves Jozie and is actually very helpful.
Tonight we have dinner with MarMar and Pawpa and Pammie and I am sure there will be CAKE!!!  Saturday is her party at the gymnastics studio and she is super excited.  Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving 2011 and early this morning on her birthday.  So included are LOTs of pics.
Since I use this blog as a diary of sorts for the girls I feel the need to mention the comment behind the pic of Brent and Chelsea.  2011 Thanksgiving day was the last Lonestar Showdown football game between UT and Texas A&M.  It just so happened that Brent was wearing burnt orange and Chelsea was dressed to go to Aggieland.  LOL I thought is was a cute pic and then when UT won I saw that Chelsea really did "meet her match" :)  
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We have our tree up and Bailey keeps expecting Santa to come.  I keep telling her she better be good or he will just bring her rocks and coal.  But she would probably be just as happy with that. :)
She is my crazy Bailey and gives me one more reason to smile and Thank God every single day.  I can't imagine my world without you in it Miss Bay.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAILEY MARIE!  We love you to the moon and back.

putting the star on the tree- 2011

Twas the night before Thanksgiving 2011 and Jozie was fast asleep in her pawpa's arms

For some reason I think if Bailey had been in the kitchen he would have had her too. LOL

"Ahhhh... I got you Uncle Brent!!!"

Happy Thanksgiving

Naptime on Pawpa's bed is the BEST!


Bailey got to hang the first ornament on the tree this year


Jozie and Pammie

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