Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Wolff Family this fall

Well all is crazy in our CRAZY life right now! :)
Bailey moved to the preK class at preschool this week and is loving it.  Brent is super busy alwasys with f8 and business seems to just be growing everyday! YAY!  I am so proud of him. 
Jozie will be 8 weeks old on Thursday and today showed me how pretty her big smile is.  Next Monday I return to work and she will going to get spoiled ROTTEN at Memaw's (which they will both love and I do too).  I am sad to return to work but ready at the same time.  I kind of miss it, then I think... did I really just think that?!  OMG, but I can't do both and my kids would be horrible if I stayed home all the time. LOL
In a couple of days Niki is coming over and we redoing our master bath... I am SO excited.  I will post before and after pics so you can see how much better it is.  Family pics this weekend and hopefully Miss Bailey will be good... but I think I will make sure to bring an unending supply of DumDum suckers just in case. :) Going shopping for Halloween costumes tomorrow night.  Bailey changes her mind daily so I hope she can pick one and Brent and I are totally unsure but need some good ones for Rena and Shane's party.  Fun few weekends coming up then it will be time to plan Bailey's birthday party and then the holidays are here already.  Oh my... I think my TO DO list just expanded by two pages. :)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall and enjoying the cool weather we are finally starting to have.  Here are a few pics from the pumpkin patch this past weekend. Enjoy!

Bailey feeding the "starving" goats

Jozie is sacked out, but enjoying the fall weather

Carson did not care much for the pony ride

Bailey loved the horse... she named it Butterscotch

Choo-Choo, Carson was digging the kiddie train

Daddy and his girls.

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