Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Carnival Fun!

Well, we made it thru July 4th; can't believe that summer is half over already!  We had our annual party at the house and lots of friends and family came out to help us celebrate.  Bailey did manage to stay up til the fireworks at 9:30 but just barely. Poor kid was blinking sooo hard trying to stay awake and talked to me and Brent about how pretty they were the entire show.  But her and Peyton and Kate had a blast playing and running everywhere in the yard all afternoon then eating a hotdog and LOTS of desserts.  Can anyone say, SUGAR RUSH?  It wore off pretty quick with my little one.

Saturday we got a haircut!  And I must say Miss Bailey looks way cute with her new do!
Last weekend Brent helped Pam with her booth at Spring Ho in Lampassas so of course Bailey and I headed over late Saturday afternoon to play at the carnival.  She had a blast, she was big enough to ride more than just the carousel this year.  We fed the ducks in the river again and the rode the ferris wheel and a couple of others rides with little bikes and jeeps on a track.  She got to pretend she was driving so she had fun. 

We have had a long week this week and its only Thursday, not even over yet!  I am working the night shift for the last half of the week but Monday did manage to get some more stuff for Jozie's room ready and then Tuesday we had doctor appts for my check up and Bailey's eye check up.  Eye doctor says she is doing good, come back in 6 months.  My doctor says I am doing great and is predicting that Jozie will be bigger than Bailey, he said 7 or 7 1/2 lbs.  Oh My!  But he did give me the okay to take a vacation so we are heading out to the cool country with MarMar and Pawpa on July 24th for a week.  A relaxing stay at Pawpa's cabin in the woods is just what I need to refresh me and get me ready to be a mom of two. 

Of course, we just thought that was all our fun for this week.  Tuesday evening late Bailey started running fever and it was still around Wednesday morning.  So we made a visit to the clinic and she has tonsilitis.  Should have know when she would not eat at Olive Garden on Tuesday and only drank her milk that something was up.  She is feeling better now and I guess the swelling in her throat is going down cause she ate all day today at her Pammie's.
Enjoy the new shots of Bailey. 

feeding ducks, I think she ended up feeding them almost a whole package of hotdog buns! Poor ducks!

On the ferris wheel, way at the top

Swing me higher!!!

Miss Jozie at 32 weeks. 

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