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Birthday Tickers

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A little summer fun in the cooler weather!

We went to Colorado last week.  It was kind of last minute decision this year but I am SO glad we went.  Yes I had a long ride and Jozie did like to let me know she was cramped but we did fine and the weather was so nice.  It actually rained all except the last day we were there and believe me, we did try to bring it home.  Bailey had a wonderful time, which a whole week with Pawpa at his Cabin in the Woods, we knew she would.  She got to see a bear and several deer and picked us flowers and planted her own little farm, ate smores and everything else she could get her hands on.  Miss Chelsea has been rather curious while we were gone and managed to find her way under her changing table.  I loved the pic Brandy sent us and had a great laugh that night.  Tomorrow night they are coming for dinner and I can't wait to see how mobile she is now and what Bailey thinks about it.  Bailey has taken to rubbing my belly and saying that Jozie must be sleeping, or asking what she is doing and telling me that she will be pretty when she gets here. 
We have all the stuff for her room except a lamp so we can decorate sometime next week hopefully.  We went with the lavender, some darker purple and orange for the color scheme, and MarMar made a quilt that has those colors and many others that is just perfect.  I have began packing our bag and hopefully I can get her outfit washed this weekend so its ready whenever she is.  Dr. Appt next Wednesday and he says he will give me a better estimate on her size then.  Last month he said she would be bigger than Bailey was, probably around 7 or 7 1/2 lbs.  I am hoping for the closer to 7 lbs.  She is very active right now with not much room so I am reaching the uncomfortable stage but soon she will be here and it will all be worth it.

Storm clouds rolling in on our mountain

Dancing with Daddy after the rain

Throwing rocks with MarMar

Its still TOO HOT for shoes

Enjoy the pics from Colorado in all its greeness.  It was so pretty compared to Texas right now.  Our yard is just crunchy and brown and there is really not much we can do about it otherwise we could not pay the water bill.  We are trying very hard to just make sure we take care of the trees.

Our meadow

her little farm

Ahh, feels so good!

I can do it by myself!

The bear

Telling some kind of windy story to those who spoil her ROTTEN

What we get for saying "Smile and Say Cheese"

Mmmm... smores

MarMar making smores

Pawpa's Cabin in the Woods

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Anonymous said...

Lori, thank you so much for sharing a part of your summer in Colorado with us. The grass was so green. It was just refreshing to look at the beautiful pictures that you took of the lanscape, pastures, fields, creeks, lake, cabin, etc. I really liked the one where you zeroed in on the raindrops on the grass leaves. Cool photography.