Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The ZOO, the ZOO, the ZOO... how many times did Bailey say that this weekend???

On the carousel

At the peguin tank

Bailey feeding the giraffe

Giraffe treats! YAY

She got her hand in the water, the jerked back... She would not touch the urchin

Holy cow thats a big crab!

The sting-ray saying hi to Bailey... love how it looks like its smiling at you

manitee at the aquarium
This weekend made me tired!  LOL.  We left Gatesville after 4 on Friday and headed to Dallas.  All the way there Bailey repeated, "I wanna go to the zoo."  Then when we got to the hotel we had to explain that all the animals were sleeping so we would go in the morning.  She did pretty good until bedtime.  Then she wanted to come home and kept asking about Otto.  Finally she went to sleep in the middle of the king size bed.  At 538am she woke up and immediately said, "I wanna go to the zoo."  She did go back to sleep until we woke her at 720 and of course you can probably guess what the first words she said were! :)
Finally we did get to the Dallas World Aquarium and then we went over to the Dallas Zoo.  She played hard and had a great day.  She got to feed the giraffes lettuce and see all kinds of fish.  I think she will be an aquarium lover like her daddy.  Now I can't wait for us to get the saltwater tank set back up!  Finally we decided she was getting a little crabby and it was best to head home.  We put her in her stroller and she was asleep before we made it to the gates of the zoo and slept halfway home.  Then I think the sugar from the cotton candy hit finally and she talked, and sang and chattered the rest of the way home and two more hours after that.  Finally she crashed at 10pm and slept all night long.  She was worn out!
This morning she has been like a little tornado thru the house so now I have lots to clean up.

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