Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Monday, May 9, 2011

May oh May, Where has the time gone?

Well I am a total slacker lately on blogging about the Wolff family.  Hopefully after this week I can get back on track.  My work schedule has been crazy and there just hasn't seemed to be time to get anything done.  We did manage to get our storage building cleaned out this past weekend and got all Brent's stuff down from the attic at his moms.  There are several tubs of toys sitting in his old room at Pam's that will be coming home with us but on Saturday we just brought one trunk home.  It was full of books, lincoln logs, tinker toys and matchbox cars.  Bailey is having a field day with these "new" toys.  At least mommy grew up playing matchbox cars along with Barbie so we can all play together with her.  We had Brandy, Chad and Chelsea over last week for a Cinco de Mayo dinner of fajitias on the patio and got to enjoy the evening breeze.  Today is Brent's 31st birthday but I have to work tonight so we are planning on another patio dinner on Wednesday for him.  But if it rains we will just dine inside, we don't mind the rain!  My garden is looking okay, but hope to get some more planted next week.  We have squash, cucumbers, dill, cantaloupe, spinach, and carrots so far.  At least we should have plenty to make pickles with this year.  Bailey wants me to plant pumpkins... not sure on that one yet. 
During all this crazy wind we have been having we have lost a few shingles on the house... still waiting on something from the insurance adjustor on that.  Bailey jungle gym did manage to survive but was moved a little so we still have to get it all leveled again soon.
We went to eat at Outback in Waco for Tammy's birthday and Memaw and Papa's 56th wedding anniversary on Saturday before Easter.  It is so awesome to look at them and think how strong their love and marriage is to have survived for that many years.  That is just not something you see much anymore and I pray everyday that Brent and I can weather this world together like they have and our parents have. 

Look what the Easter Bunny left me!
Bailey had a wonderful Easter.  They had an egg hunt at preschool on Good Friday then of course she got to have egg hunts at Granny's and Pammie's house.  She loved it and had a blast, especially since that meant being outside most of the day, and of couse CANDY!
At Pammie's they had a pinita (sorry horrible spelling there)  and Cam managed to get it knocked down to the ground with a small hole.  They Bailey, Kate and Cam took to kicking it and it was the funniest thing ever to watch them attack it.

Flying kites

Look at that hairdo after playing in the bounce house all afternoon

Running like someone else might get her eggs... Just wait til next year Bay you will be fighting Chelsea then... :)

Last weekend we had a birthday party for Granny.  She turned 80 on April 25th so we celebrated at MarMar's house.  It went really great and Granny had a wonderful time.  Two of her brothers even came!  I somehow managed to be way busy that whole afternoon and never did even get my camera bag out of the car.  Hopefully MarMar can share some pics with me cause I know she took some. 
Bailey has been doing wonderful at preschool and last Friday they made keychains for mommies and the Fort Hood Fire Dept came to talk to them.  They got a water bottle and a fire hat and learned Stop, Drop and Roll.  It is funny when she tells everyone about it cause all she says is, "Fire, Fire, Fire"  then runs to get her hat.  She has learned even more songs now and continues to entertain us every evening with performances.  Brent got some crazy version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baby Bumblebee mixed together the other day! 
I had a wonderful mothers day and Bailey told me, mom, Granny, and Pammie all "Happy Mommies birthdays".   LOL she was a little confused but thats okay it was soooo cute.
This weekend we are taking Bailey to Dallas to the zoo and the aquarium.  Hope she loves it as much as we think she will.

Jozie is a wild child lots of days now and IF Bailey Marie would just be still for two minutes she would feel her kick, but... I am not sure she will ever slow down long enough.  Brent does and its funny cause some days she will be kicking like crazy when Bailey is there with me and then later Brent wants to feel her kicking and she won't.  Hopefully she likes her big sister that much when she is out here in the world with her!  Bailey informed me on mothers day that, "when Jozie gets her all she will do is cry, cry and cry all the time."  I am hoping she is soooo wrong about that and that Bailey is not mean to her to make her cry all the time.  Most days she just loves on me then looks at my belly and asks "What's Jozie doing?"

Brent and Bailey's sidewalk art... HAPPY EASTER

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