Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rain, Rain, Come and play...

Well finally we got a tiny bit of rain.  Not sure you can really call it rain, more of a drizzle this morning that is probably completely gone now. Oh well, any little bit helps.  Brent made sure he washed both cars and put out some fertilizer on the yard hoping for the best.  Last night after we had a very good day at preschool, Brent made us an awesome dinner of fish tacos, which Bailey ate like a starving child.  I know she ate lunch and snack at preschool but you would have thought she hadn't eaten in three days.  LOL.  Our meal started off pretty funny as when Brent led our prayer he added on a comment about Lord please give us some much needed rain.  Well, apparently Bailey has learned the Rain, Rain, Go Away song at preschool because she proceeded to look out the window and tell us no, rain, rain go away come another day. OMG if her pawpa had heard her :O  She was in an awesome mood yesterday and the teachers are telling me she is getting better each day and crying for a shorter time when I leave and just crying not screaming. Tomorrow she has an egg hunt so tonight mommy and daddy have to pack some candy eggs and I need to get her Easter Basket ready and decorated.

Well, back to work now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday and spends as much time with their families as possbile.

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