Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've been busy cooking!

Well here is it the 19th of May and I am not sure where there last few weeks have gone.  I am beginning to nest at home and I think it is starting to get to Brent a little.  I am also stressing that not everything is going to get done.  We had a check up for Baby Jozie on Tuesday and all is well.  We made more appointments and if she arrives on time then she should be here right after the last one I have scheduled.  Mom and Dad are celebrating 32 wonderful years of marriage tomorrow and will have both Bailey and Chelsea for the evening for the first time.  Let's see how this goes. HaHa.  I am not sure what God intended them to do on their 32nd wedding anniversary but I guess spending it with your grandbabies is probably pretty awesome in their eyes.  Hopefully Bailey will be nice to Chelsea.

I have been busy at home cleaning and cooking more lately.  For Brent's birthday dinner I fixed these awesome Beef Enchiladas with zucchini and everyone loved them.  I made a double batch and there was only three left!  Even daddy and Chad ate them like crazy! 

Last Sunday I made homemade granola using this reciepe but I made some modifications.  I did not use peanuts as we were out (I could not believe that!) and I used dried cranberries instead of raisins (I am not much for raisins)  I added walnuts and a few white chocolate chips and some cashews.  I waited to add the cranberries and the white chocolate chips until I was about 1 minute from removing from the oven, and  I skipped using the coconut, sesame seeds and wheat germ on this as I just used what I had at the house at the time.  Guess that is part of being pregnant.  I decided I wanted to make granola and I was going to regardless but I did not want to run to the store.  Its very good and Brent says its awesome as cereal.  I wish it was googier (is that a word???) but I have found another reciepe to try and it is "Granola Bars that don't crumble"  Once I have time to try it out I will let you all know if it really doesn't crumble.  Otherwise the original one I made is great and I love have I can mix in anything I like. 

Tonight I am trying out a great reciepe mom gave me.  Its some kind of pasta salad and when she made it I loved it.  So Justin and Bonnie get to be the testers along with Brent and Bailey.  Maybe they can think of a name for me so I can share that reciepe too. 

Its going to be a fun weekend and not too much to do.  YAY!  I think that now but by Saturday afternoon I will probably have a whole new list of things that MUST be done NOW and be driving Brent crazy again.  We still need to paint Jozie's room and I need to finish up decorating.  I made some wall art for her and need to finish those up too and get some letters for her name.  Then I just have to get up in the attic and get all the newborn stuff out and get by Kayla and Logan's to pick up the tiny clothes so I can get them in the closet and be ready for Miss Jozie to arrive. 

We are making a trip to the beach in a couple of weeks and Bailey is excited.  She gets to go outside twice a day at preschool if its not raining and I must say she is developing a very nice little tan, so hopefully she won't burn too bad at the beach.  Hoping to maybe go swimming this weekend and make it to the splash park with some friends one Saturday.  Lots to do around the Wolff house but that just keeps us busy.

Brent is now running F8 Tech, LLC.  His own IT support company.  He is very busy but I do believe he is loving it.  Wish him lots of luck that it keeps going successfully!

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