Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Monday, May 30, 2011

Surfing the web lately...

I've been surfing the net WAY toooooo much lately and if I had time for all the awesome projects I see I like and would love to try Brent would probably take away my debit card and lock me away. LOL :)

I thought I might share some of these and maybe that will curb my desire to complete all these projects right now.  Lord knows I don't have that much free time if any. 

First I found this place that will make awesome little flipbooks using your video clips.  This would make great gifts for Father's Day coming up.  Check out flipclips here for more info.

Then I checked out Martha Stewart online for some creative Father Day Idea's and found some very interesting things to try out this year.  I will not share those just yet since the Dad's in my life read this too, but there are many to choose from.  I also found some awesome ideas for summer parties and our trip to the beach. 
But for all of you I wanted to share the "Hero Pack" I made for Brent and Chad last year.  Click here for the site all this is on, including the printable templates.  I printed them on cardstock, cut them out and used spary adhesive glue to stick them on.  Try as I might, I have been unable to find the photo I took of my hero packs but they turned out super cute and the guys loved them cause it was all their favs and not just another "something" to sit on the shelf.

Last weekend we celebrated MarMar and Pawpa's birthdays early and cooked burgers out at their house.  We planned to swim... but rain, lightening, thunder and a tornado warning do not really mix with swimming.   Anyhow we still had a great time and we gave MarMar the best ever birthday scavenger hunt for her trip to NY next spring.  Brandy took shots while she was actually hunting but I have some photos of the clue cards I made up. 
Other than all that we have just been having fun and being goofy here at home.  Getting ready more each day for Jozie and working on the end of potty training... Hopefully Bailey is almost there and Brent and I are trying hard to be patient. 

Otto's new outfit!

Those last two shots are of a bow I made using a pattern I purchase on etsy from  She has a blog that I have been following for awhile now and I love the bows she designs.  I made this one for practice and with scrap fabric I had but thought it ended up turning out pretty cute.  I actually purchased several patterns at one time, and this seemed to be the easiest from the directions.  Maybe this weekend I will be able to find time to tackle some of the others to try out!  She is now selling the actual product (not just pattern) online also.  Anyone needing cute accessories for girls should really check out her site.

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