Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bailey's New BIG Girl Room and our coming addition... Is is a BOY or a GIRL???

First Day of Preschool- April 4, 2010
This week was a big week, first new preschool and then Friday we went for our ultrasound to see how Baby "Peanut" is doing. 

All is great... we also got to find out what our little "Peanut" is.

In September the Wolff Family will be welcoming another baby GIRL!  Jozie Lee is on her way.  Bailey is excited about her little sister and so are we.  Pawpa is absoutely on cloud nine about having three girls.  I am anxious to get those photos of him being bossed around. It will be loads of fun though. 

Precious little feet

We also painted and finished Bailey's big girl room.  Memaw took her to see all the baby horses while we worked and when she came home she had a a purple room.  Its so pretty and we have another gallon of paint, so Miss Jozie's room might turn out to be purple too.

Currently listening to Bailey play in her kitchen and talk to her baby dolls.  I can't believe I will have two daughters but its gonna be so much fun and hand-me-down clothes will be great for our bank account!  Brent has already said he will have to get his "Man Cave" ready in the shop because the game room that is in the process will be "Fairy Land". I better make sure he get some time with his buddies so he doesn't drown in princess tea parties and baby dolls.

Part of our garden did get planted in the ground this week and hope to finish that in the next couple of days.  We have lots of activites planned in the next few months for Miss Bailey and us a family.  We are trying to get them all in before I am too miserable to leave home this summer.  With it already being 90 in April I can only imagine what July is going to be like.  I figure we will get Bailey a little wading pool and be spending lots of time sitting in the backyard in the sprinkler and enjoying her jungle gym.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful "spring" and getting ready for Easter.  Hoping to get some great shots of Bay and Chelsea for Easter next weekend. 

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