Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring is HERE!

Well even though the last two days have been pretty chilly, spring is still here. We did get some work done on our garden done on Saturday but not ready to plant yet. Guess my little plants will survive in the trays a few more days.

My current garden... Okra, Cucumber, Squash and Carrots are in this tray

My purple irises are finally going to bloom

Bailey's favorite friend... she calls it the baby gecko

My tiny little strawberry plant.   It better get bigger, Bay and I love strawberries.

Tonight we had tortilleni pasta for dinner and Bailey was using stir sticks as her "chopsticks" 

It was so cute, she just hopped up to the table and said she was using chopsticks.  We did not know she even knew what chopsticks were.

Pawpa has a bottle baby right now and Bailey got to help feed him this weekend.  Then she had a blast with Peyton and Boone at the Junction on Saturday night.  I think Rena is going to ban Bailey and Peyton playing together.  She always ends up dirty after Bailey is around.  I am amazed at how long the sand pit for the washers games kept them occupied.

Well my baby girl is running a fever this evening so I better get some rest.  I am sure I will be up checking on her several times.  Hopefully its just allergies and goes away on its own.

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