Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Jungle Gym, My Jungle Gym... those are the only words we hear now!

This weekend we made Bailey a very happy little girl!  We purchased and constructed her a jungle gym.  She is loving it and went straight out there this morning to swing, then cried when I had to explain to her we could not play we had to go to work and Miss Angie's.  Daddy, Pawpa and Uncle Chad worked most of the day on Saturday then I helped Brent finish it up on Sunday.

She just sat right down and order her Chicken Nuggets! LOL she is so funny

Their new nap spot!
Then after all the playing she even helped me make dinner.  We made Hill Country Salsa and as I cut up the veggies she put them all in the bowl for me.  So helpful!

On Friday night I was apparently just into relaxing but now wish I had taken some shots of Bailey and Peyton playing.  They had a big flower pot full of dirt and managed to empty it onto the patio and Bailey's little beach wagon and all over themselves.  They turned out to be the two dirtest little princesses I have ever seen!  But they had a blast.  Bailey came over to me on the patio and said, "I'm tired."  That was a FIRST ever for her.  So she was ready to take a bath and they did and my tub was nasty when they got out!  She had so much fun and was so tired she just laid right down in her bed and went to sleep after Peyton, Rena and Shane went home.

Had a check up for "Peanut" yesterday. 
I gained 2 lbs finally at 16 weeks.  Dr. Fothergill said everything looks great and to keep doing what I am doing and taking care of myself and we should be just fine until September 6th.  I have my ultrasound in two weeks and we can hopefully see what "Peanut" is going to be then work on names, although we already have one girl and one boy name picked out. So that probably would take long.  Thinking about taking Bailey with us but not sure yet. 

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