Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.  Bailey managed to get dressed before Brent so she got a little pinch for him since he did not have his green shirt on yet!  She was too funny, came running back through the house telling me she got daddy! 

We made cake pops last night for Miss Angie's today.  Sadly they did not turn out great so I did NOT take any pics.  I am going to try again tonight to finish using the rest of the mixture and hope they stay on the sticks.  Most of ours turn out as Cake Balls but I am sure the kids will love them anyway.

This weekend we bought Bailey a playset for the backyard, hopefully Saturday it will get completely put up and Sunday she can play on it. Its a little much for just her so hope her friends come over soon and play too. We also did quite a bit of yard work although we still did not get our garden planted.  Maybe Sunday afternoon we can get to that. Crossing my fingers on that one! 

Sunday we spent the afternoon at Pam's hiking to some of Brent's favorite spots as a kid.  With Pam selling the land its important for Bailey to see where daddy played.  I love this and had a great time.  Bailey had a good time and Otto went along and went swimming in the swimming hole.  He was crazy about that water. 
Aunt Brandy and I took Bailey to see the Lipizzaner Stallions in Waco.  She loves the horses but there was just not enough action for her so we spent most of the time trying to get her to sit still.  Oh well, lesson learned on that one!  Brandy and I enjoyed what we did get to see though.

She had the best view on the hike

In the cave with Daddy

Otto splashing through the creek

Otto in the swimming hole. He just bailed right off in there. 
You could see the bottom until he got in there

Brent's favorite rock ever!  He wants to bring it home to the house...
How he thinks we will ever get it there I am not sure.

Thinking it must have been the top to a well, there are cuts where something ran up and down it for a long time.
No sign of a well, unless it is underneath and its filled in over time with smaller rocks
Still pretty cool to see.

For those of you wanting to know about Baby "Peanut":  We are doing great at 15 weeks and I got back to the dr next Monday for another check up.  Then in two more weeks we go for the ultrasound to see what "Peanut" will be.  Hopefully its a boy cause Bailey keeps telling me her brother peanut.... She informed me yesterday morning that "Peanut" was going to come play on her jungle gym, this weekend!  LOL I love her so much and she manages to make me laugh every morning no matter how late we are getting out the door.
For those of you who have seen me and think there is no baby bump well you are VERY wrong.  I even took a photo so show you, although I hate being the subject of a photo. :)

Baby "Peanut" at 15 weeks

Bailey loves her Baby "Peanut"

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