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Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Friend

Well this past weekend we got a new pet at the Wolff house.  "Blueberry" the Beta fish was brought home with us from Wal-Mart.  Bailey named him... first she called him "Toad".  At least Blueberry is better than that.  She loves to feed him and likes for us to sit his home in the middle of the kitchen table so she can watch him swim.  A couple of times we have found her trying to get him down or to reach in his bowl to get him out.  When we ask what she is doing, she just tells us "taking him to play."  Trying hard to not laugh cause its cute we try to explain why he can't be carried to go play.

Blueberry... Bailey loves to watch him swim
Bailey also had her first slumber party this weekend.  Addie came and spent the night Saturday night.  The girls had lots of fun and stayed up WAY too late and got up WAY too early for me.  But it was fun.  We had a big bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub and then popcorn while we watched Bambi.  Then ran around the house like wild indians until 11:20, finally they crashed on my lap on the couch.  On Sunday after a breakfast of champions of chocolate and powdered sugar donuts, and fruit, we had a tea party. With real snacks and fake tea.  But they still had a blast and even got Otto to join in with a tiara. 

We have some big changes coming as Bailey's sitter is moving onto to something new so we will be seeing where we end up and how she likes it.  But maybe its better to make those changes now before Baby Peanut arrives so something is still the same in her life.  Good Luck Angela!  We will miss you lots.

Bubble Bath in the jacuzzi tub!
Tea Party Snacks
Isn't Otto such a cute princess... He was hiding under the table.
Aunt Brandy had to return to work this week so Miss Chelsea is staying with Memaw for a few weeks.  Attached is a pic of her after Brandy picked her up on Monday.  She did survive and is getting spoiled just like she should be at Memaw's. :)

Chelsea... "I survived... but I am ticked"

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