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Birthday Tickers

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Cattle Buyer

Freddie auctioned off the first dance at our wedding
This post is in honor of my wonderful Father In Law, who we lost three years ago today.  Below is a link to one of his favorite songs, and a poem that Brent wrote.  He says he is no poet but I think different and think he did a wonderful job on this poem and it sure fits Freddie to a T.  We miss him each and every day, especially today.  We lost him while he was doing what he loved and we know he would not have had it any other way. 

He did finally get to dance with me

The Cattle Buyer
by Brent C Wolff

From ring to ring
And town to town
His name was known all around
With a weathered face and a cigar in his smile
He'd push on through another tired mile
With a Resisitol on his head and boots on his feet
Never a stranger did he meet
He wore starched Levis and a two pocket shirt
With a buyers card and a wave he did his work
At the sale barn he met his fate
This was Freddie's one Last Date
This day will always make me sad
But I am lucky because this cowboy was my dad

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