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Birthday Tickers

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jozie update

Well, we returned for the 2 day check up on Sunday and were shocked to see that Miss Jozie had lost almost a whole pound from her birth weight.  Then we went over to talk to the lacatation nurses and they noticed that she was tongue tied... therefore leading to her not latching on and getting any milk and losing weight.  My heart nearly stopped but at least we know why she lost so much.  She is now eating every three hours from a bottle and gaining like a champ.  We went back Tuesday and she had already gained back 5 oz.  We also met with a pediatric surgeon and she will be getting her tongue clipped sometime end of September or first of October.  It was suggested we do it before she is a year old so as not to interfer with her speech when she starts talking.  We are opting to do it now and the doctor said most parents don't even see the baby miss a feeding.  Its a 2 minute surgery and the prep time is actually longer than the surgery itself. 

I have been suffering from horrible headaches, they tell me its from the epidural and call it a spinal leak headache.  I am to load up on extra fluids, high caffeine and pain meds until they go away or if still there next week return to the doctor so they can do something called a blood patch to put blood back in where the fluid leaked out.  The problem is that by the time I got to the hospital I was dilated to a 6 and contractions were 3 mins apart or less.  They admitted me and took me to the delivery room and checked me and I was a 7 by then.  They asked if I wanted an epidural and the lady was just next door (apparently Thursday was a booming baby day at Scott and White).  She finally got over to my room and they told me my doctor was in the parking lot so it would be perfect timing.  She tried to start an epidural, hit something and started over.  By this time I said I wanted to push, and they checked me again and I was a 10.  But doctor was still not there so they said they could do a bolus instead of the full epidural.  This allowed me to have no pain but to wear off much quicker than a normal epidural.  Jozie was born withn 5 minutes of them finishing their injection and 4 pushes. All of this started at 2:45 am Thursday and she arrived at 5:49 am.  This was such a different labor than wiht Bailey and I think I was still in shock Thursday afternoon that she came that quick.

Because of the headaches and running back to Temple more than planned I have not been up to doing much and not gotten many pics of the girls.  Bailey is an awesome big sister and loves to help.  We are trying very hard to let her help with anything she can.  She is getting into her morning routine very well, afternoons are a little strained right now getting thru feedings for Jozie, and dinner for us and Bailey getting into her nighttime routine, but we WILL get this back on track.  She is excited to come home and see Jozie after preschool and is confused still as to why she can't play in her room... LOL pretty soon she will not want her in there playing.

We have a newborn photo session this weekend with Aunt Brandy and those should be up soon.

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