Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busy Bees Springtime is on the way!

We have been busy little bees around here... actually more Brent and Bailey.  I have been feeling crummy every evening but I think I am getting back to normal now.  Hopefully cause this version of "morning sickness" stinks! 
"Peanut" and I had a checkup on Tuesday.  All is great.  I have not gained any weight yet, but the doc said at least I did not lose any either.  "Peanut's" little heartbeat was quickly found and at 160 is doing great.  We are right at 12 weeks now so my sickness should be going away soon, hopefully! I think Brent and Bailey are tired of eating sandwiches and chicken nuggets. :)

Brent and I went to the Blake Shelton concert in Waco this past weekend and MarMar was there with some friends too.  That meant Miss Bailey spent the night with Pawpa and no help from MarMar. 
Pawpa was still tired on Sunday night!  They played outside from the time we dropped her off at 5:30 until after dark, when they had to take a jeep ride and go look for deer.  Then they had tacos for dinner and some Girl Scout Cookies for dessert and of course then she needed a bath.  MarMar said she was a squeaky clean little sleeping angel when she got home.  I know they had fun but Pawpa is just not sure he can handle all the babies alone at one time. 

Some people might not care but our big thing right now is potty training... and Bailey is doing great!  We go several days with absolutely no accidents, then we have the occasional one on the way to the bathroom.  I am so proud of her and keep trying to encourge her more everyday. 
She is in her "big girl" room now but I am not posting pics until we get to paint and finish decorating so it might be a while.  Hopefully in the next couple of weekends we can get that all done. 

Blake Shelton- an awesome concert!

Chelsea tasting whipped cream!  Too bad she couldn't eat the strawberries yet


Bailey- before we devoured the strawberry shortcake and became one herself.  There was whipped cream all over her.
This weekend we plan to get our garden area ready!  We love fresh veggies and are hoping to get in a good garden and keep it ALIVE this summer for some great foods.  I am going to spend some of my maternity leave with "Peanut" canning some veggies so we can have them through the winter too. 

I got a new Macro Wide Angle lens for my camera.  Not sure yet how to use it, but will be working on that this weekend too. 

Now time for bed and work tomorrow!

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