Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Things Happening Around Here, but best of all today is a Snow Day!

Hello all-

A Snow Day for my birthday... Bailey says "Awesome!"

Its been really busy around here lately and today it seems like everything is on pause with the beautiful snow day we are having.  I work on Saturday so it turned out I was already off work and can enjoy the day with Miss Bailey.  She has already had a blast this morning out playing but then we had to come in to warm up for a while. Of course I took lots of photos so I will add those below for you all to enjoy. 

Bailey has something she would like to say...

Baby Peanut at 9 weeks

Yes that's right... Bailey is going to be a big sister!  We are expecting baby "Peanut" in early September.  Bailey said it looked like a peanut on the ultrasound pic so that is what we are nicknaming this baby until we find out in April.  She is excited and I have already seen that she is going to be SOOOOO helpful to us. 

Well, today is really all about the snow day so here she is playing... by the way, as I post this she is telling me to get our boots on so we can go in the snow!  She is so funny. 

Otto caught on real quick to pulling her

making a snow angel

Well hope everyone is enjoying the winter wonderland!

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