Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We are Busy Bees

So its been crazy busy here lately but VACATION is on its way!!!! Two more weeks and we are off to Colorado and a whole week of Bailey time! Meanwhile, around here we have been busy little bees...getting peaches put in the freezer for jelly later in the year, making Bread and Butter pickles and everyone's favorites Icebox Pickles. Actually, I made those tonight and its a first for me to make any pickles so hopefully they all taste good...

So, totally distracted right now watching Deadliest Catch "Tribute to Captain Phil" amd can't recall what all I had in mind to write tonight so this will be a short and sweet post.

Bailey is now beginning to sing her ABCs and it is the CUTEST thing in the whole wide world! Of course I might be a little biased. :) Sharing homemade icecream with Pawpa became a huge mess last weekend but it was fun anyway.

We have decided to begin Project Gameroom... converting the garge into a game room for Bailey and us to hang out in (aka: a room for all her toys). We are in the process of getting estimates for what we can't do ourselves and began painting on Sunday night. We only got a small can of paint so it did not go far... but I will be finishing it up on Thursday. At least the part I can help with will be done before we go on vacation. Its nice to be out there but right now its hot so I am looking forward to getting some AC out there.
Brent is going back to work with CalTech so that means he will be home again!!! I am sure Bailey will love him being here to play outside as soon as we get home. Summer seems like it just started but it is really half over, where does the time go?

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