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Birthday Tickers

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Carnival Run, Oh What Fun!!!

We took Bailey over to Lampassas this weekend for Spring Ho and she loved the carasouel, we had to ride twice and then play games so she could win some prizes. She loved the swings and slides there at the park too. All this after she spent the day with MarMar and PawPa and went to have lunch at the sale barn in her boots and shorts. Sometimes she is totally Brent's child! She is now talking in sentences and it just amazes me everytime she tells me something. She is getting sooo grown up. Miss Bailey has also learned to pick up her toys when asked to and we have found that she LOVES her new cousin Carson.
Bailey will be having a wonderful after Christmas surprise in January when another cousin will arrive. My little brother Chad and his wife, Brandy are expecting their own little bundle of joy (aka Monster of the House). I am soooo very happy for them and sooooo excited! Can't wait til they find out what they are having. Funny how we did not want to find out what Bailey was going to be but we want everyone else to find out so they can tell us. LOL
We have vacation coming up soon and Bailey will be traveling out of Texas for the first time. We have lots of new things for her to experience and I figure it will all seem new to us again this year. So ready for a great summer vacation.

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How fun! Cute pics!