Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HO HO HO... the Jolly Man came to our house!

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there."

Well Christmas has come... and NOT yet left our house. LOL.  One, we still have Christmas at MarMar's this weekend and two, Bailey is still finding things she opened but did not really see. 
This year was more about unwrapping... I think Brent got to open two and I got to open one of my own, while Bailey wanted the rest.  But she had lots of fun.  She got to open all Jozie's this year too, hmmm, wonder how big a problem that will be next Christmas. :)

Santa was pretty good to both my girls.  They are so totally spoiled but everyone including me and Brent.  OH WELL.  We have had a fun weekend and another one coming up.  Jozie turned 4 months old on Christmas Day and actually tried some cereal last night... she's not real keen on it yet, but I am sure she will get to liking it soon.  Bailey and Jozie both slept til 8:40 on Christmas morning.  Brent and I were laying in bed laughing cause we could not believe Bailey was still in bed... then we hear a package rustle in the living room.  She was so funny.  I somehow got distracted this year and did not get many pics of her opening, but Brent filmed it all!  The girls (Bailey) picked me out a beautiful MOM necklace on her shopping trip with Daddy on Saturday. I love it!  Horrible pic but still wanted to share...

We fed the reindeer before we left for Memaws on Christmas Eve... so Rudolph would know how to find the house... She was so cute.  They made Magic Reindeer Food at preschool, with oats and glitter.

We played Chinese Christmas at Memaw's a different way this year. We played BINGO to see what order we went in, instead of just drawing numbers.  It was lots of fun and of course somehow... Papa got to go first and last... AGAIN!  I got a heater, that is so awesome and it heats my whole bathroom, which is a big thing if you have seen our bathroom.  Brent got a nerf gun and somekind of target for it.  Of course, the target setup is still in the box but the gun and its little bullets are making the rounds thru the house.  Last night it became Bailey's monster gun so she would go to sleep.  The past two weeks have brought on a new fear of the dark and monsters in her room... not sure what her little friends at preschool are telling her but this kid has never slept with the lights on til now. Oh well, another stage we should embrace and learn from for Jozie.

Watching her video message from Santa

A fun shower with Kate and Cam at Bev's

An emotional Brent after he opened the present from his sister. 
A copy of the poem he wrote about his dad and some pictures of them framed. 

Chillin with Daddy

They have eyes for only each other!
Miss Jozie and her great-grandpa have the same birthday!

Storytime with Beverly

What Santa left for Bailey

What Santa left for Jozie

Merry Christmas 2011 Jozie
Its your first

Merry Christmas 2011 Bailey

Sharing some of Granny's pecan pie with Pawpa

Bailey showing Jozie what she picked out for her

Norman taking Bailey's Hello Kitty clock... not sure that will match his room :)

Jed holding Jozie like she is about to break

Pammie bonding with Jozie

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