Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 weeks update

Jozie is three weeks old TODAY!  WOW, I can't believe she has already been here that long.  She is currently sleeping like a baby in our room and I should be too, but can't sleep right now for some reason.  She is growing and putting on weight everyday.  Bailey is being the best "Super Big Sister" (a name her and Brent came up with) and helping more each day.  I think she is still confused as to why Jozie can't come play in her room or the playroom, but she is beginning to understand.  Now anytime we mention Chad or Brandy she asks where Chelsea is. :)
Well not much else going on besides Jozie turning 3 weeks old.  Here are a few of her newborns pics also.

We go on September 30th for surgery to have her tongue clipped and maybe she will have less problems with eating then.  Poor baby:(   Not looking forward to that day.
3 weeks old

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