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Birthday Tickers

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Well, we tried Trick or Treating this year!  I must say I think Bailey really got the hang of it and had fun.  Of course, we only visited a few family members houses but it was fun. She did manage to knock on the doors and say Trick or Treat to each person and loved that she got something in her bucket.  She loves twirling around showing off her pretty Snow White costume too.  She can play dress up now with it too.  Brent and I attended a party on Saturday night so we dressed up then.  Brent was a green plastic army man from Toy Story and I was Suzy Homemaker. We had a blast and then had fun today watching Bailey.  Currently, we are watching the Rangers in the WORLD SERIES... Bailey actually said GO RANGERS tonight when we got home and turned the game on... Does that mean we have been watching too much baseball???? LOL :)  Her grandpa Freddie would be so proud she is cheering for him team.
We went to Pammie's and saw Carson in his Pumpkin costume.  I can't wait til next year and Bailey and Carson and Chelsea can all go together trick or treating. 
Time to add some more pics... then in just ONE month, my little baby will be 2 years old... Where does the time go, really?

Wolff Family Halloween 2010

Oh, She sure loves her Pawpa!

Cute cartoon version of her walking up to knock on the door.

Please open my candy Papa

Bailey and Carson
Halloween 2010

Williamson Halloween party 2010

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