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Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sewing time

Well, Bailey has finally (but sadly) reached an age where she can play witout me :( I am crying inside but this also allows me time to get other things done, like some sewing. Of course there are also those times when I am not allowed to leave the table and I better keep coloring with the one and only crayon she gives me. She is a crazy little girl. I have made many quilts and have managed to get ONE completed for her since she was born almost 2 years ago. That is just sad, then mom is sending me all these pics of what she is working on... and I get more sad, then I have a momemnt with Miss Bailey and its all okay. Who cares if I have time to sew, or fold clothes, or vacuumm every other day. Well, anyhow this past weekend I finally go to get in there and get some sewing done and I made burp pads and a tag toy for the baby Rueter, and managed to get Carson's quilt top and one for Bailey done and start one for Miss Chelsea. I will not be putting that pic up... I am making Brandy suffer and have one surprise in all this! HAHA Brandy. Bailey likes to tell me they are ALL her blankies so of couse as soon as I laid Carson's Cowboy quilt on the floor she sat right down then smiled and said, "CHEEEESE"

Well, today as I am writing this post I get a text... Baby Rueter is here, Addie must be SOOO excited.
Laine Dale Rueter 9/14/10
10lbs 2oz and 22 inches long
So happy, now we have plans for the weekend!

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Marsha said...

LJ your quilts are beautiful. Miss Bailey your a lucky little girl your mommie loves to quilt but,believe me she loves playing with you more and so so I...
Love y'all. MarMar