Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HELLO Again Texas!

Well, We had a WONDERFUL vacation and Bailey had a blast. She did really great on the 19 hour drive to Colorado and on the 19 hour drive back home. She did get a little angry once but otherwise was very cooperative in getting back in her carseat. The week at the cabin spoiled her for sure... getting to drive the Jeep and the Ranger with Daddy and Pawpa, getting to run outside anytime she wanted, swinging as much as she wanted, eating ice out of the cooler, snacking all day and seeing animals and playing in the creek... all made for a rude awakening on Sunday morning when we were back home.
This year we enjoyed showing Bailey all the beautiful things in Colorado and loved her expressions when she found something she loved.
Please go to the link to view our pics.

We had a wonderful time and then got to come home for a wonderful surprise... Chad and Brandy are having a GIRL!!! Bailey's cousin Cheslea Rhea will here in January!

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