Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Saturday, August 7, 2010

first stop... it begins

Well we stopped for breakfast in Cross Plains for breakfast at Jeans Barn Cafe... great start for us.
Stopped at Post to let Bailey play on the playground then onto Lubbock. We met Jed for a sec then off to the rest stop area so Bailey could get out and stretch her legs. Then is was naptime for Brent and Bailey while Mommy drove to Dalhart.
622 pm we are finally into New Mexico and heading to Colorado. Bailey should cross into three states in one day before bed time tonight. Its still 90 degrees but not as humid as home.
Bialey has really done well this trip and hopefully that continues the rest of the way.
Can't post pics right now unless I take them with my phone so probably won't be updaing with pics much and after tomorrow no updates til Friday when we come back to civiliation. This is a much needed vacation for all of us.


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