Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Adventure

Well we have been busy little bees around here. Three weeks ago we held a baby shower for Brent's sister Elisha at the house. It was wonderful she got lots of great stuff... that is good because guess who arrived 5 weeks early on Wednesday. Carson Dale Wolff Fowler was born on June 23rd. 5lbs 5 oz 17 inches long. He is currently still in NICU in Temple but is doing great. He is beginning to eat more today and has breathing on his own from the moment he was born. He will be staying in NICU for at least a week and Elisha will be getting to go home on Saturday. I know she has lots to get done at the house to get ready for him so everybody say a prayer for Carson and Elisha and Garry. I am officially an aunt now and can't wait til I can actually hold the little guy. We taught Bailey to say Carson and keep showing her pictures everyday so she will him when we get to see him. She is so smart sometimes I am shocked at the things she picks up at the drop of a hat.

We got through the Relay for Life Team Roping we did as a fundraiser. It was hot but fun and we had a great day and made $1500 for our team for a GREAT cause. We plan to do a few things different next year and maybe we can make a little more money to support Relay for Life.

We have been playing in the pool a lot at moms or at the house in the little pool and Bailey is a water bug! Last night Aunt Brandy shared her ice cream cone with Miss Bailey and she pretty much stole it from her and turned out looking like the Joker with chocolate and ice cream all over her face.

Brent and Lori

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