Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Update

Sorry its been soooooo long!
Bailey is walking now and almost running. Its a crazy life for us. Brent is working like crazy and so am I. I am finally taking on the position of a wedding planner. I have gotten cards printed and a website up and two clients as of right now. ( I am actually having blast with it so far. I have recently began going to Zumba classes and love them!!! I think everyone should try it. I am taking on new responsibilities at work and am continuing to enjoy my job. I have been posting lots to facebook and realized tonight that I can post once to photoshop and then from there load to facebook and the blog so hopefully I will keep everyone update more often now. I turned 30 in February and so far the 30s seem to be great... Brent is not far behind mo with the big 30 in May. LOL! I am so glad the time has changed again... I love getting home and still be able to enjoy the daylight for a little bit longer. We took Bailey to the park this weekend for the first time. She had lots of fun, but is not much for the swing. Oh well, maybe next time. Well, as you can tell I have lots going on right now and I think it is time for Miss Bailey to hit the hay for the night. Later...

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Bar 7 Ranch said...

Awesome!! Ill have to try that too!