Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm gonna get you...

I think she realized she was on the other side from us and got mad.

The Fowler Family

Bailey steals the show... she just kept drinking her bottle while she was pulled in the wagon

Garry and Elisha before the wedding... my favorite picture

Well, I think I am back to a normal life for a little bit. The weddings are all over and Bailey is growing like a weed. This week she is pretty much standing up next to anything she can find, then she grabs on and makes her way around whatever it is and is EVERYWHERE! I love it. Tonight she was playing hide-and-seek with Otto around the ottoman and it was so cute. Brent left tonight to go hunting in Colorado with Daddy and Chad. We miss him already but hope he shoots us something big to hang on the wall. Bailey now has four teeth and eats anything we have put in front of her so far and eats when we do. I am hoping that that routine continues. This weekend... if its pretty we are going to take some pictures in the pumpkin patch, until then here are some new photos and a few photos from Elisha's wedding.

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