Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bailey and Otto... BFF
Redneck Highchair at MarMar's... the tray is broken... Get to fixing that PalPa

Bailey and Addie inthe bathtub... Splish Splash

Bailey Marie 6 months old

Bailey and MaMa... Her Great-great grandmother

Well, hello all. We have been a very busy little family lately. We got moved and settled and all pictures are hung up now at the new house. I hope everyone can get a chance to come see us soon. We have just been running like crazy the last few weeks. This week on Thursday Bailey went for her 6 months check up. I am still reeling from the fact she is 6 months old. Well, she is doing good and weighs 15 lbs 15 oz now. She had a running nose on Tuesday and it seemed to clear up but on Thursday at the doctor office we found that she has two ear infections! I felt like such a terrible mommy! I cannot beleive that I did not notice something, but apparently she is not too bothered by them. We now are on antibiotics, a steriod and breathing treatments again! Maybe this will clear up soon. Bailey experienced her first Gatesville Shivaree and she did great, but we were all melting in the heat, there is no breeze at the park! We also made our first trip the the Sale Barn last saturday. We had lunch with PalPa and Papa and she was the object of lots of show and tell while we were there. Her Grandpa Freddie would have been proud. We took Bailey to visit MaMa on Memorial Day and she had the best time, she played and laughed and I know MaMa was happy to see her. This weekend all of us were going to the Ranger game with Chad and Brandy but we ended up leaving Bailey with MarMar since she is sick. It was probaly a good thing, as it was terribly hot and humid, and no breeze, and an hour delay for a light outage. They could still see, but we were troopers and waited... then they lost!!! Whatever. We had a great time anyhow and might be going again this season. Bailey is now sitting up in the floor and playing and I think it amazing how she entertains herself. Sometimes I just sit back on the couch and watch her play. She also reached the milestone of getting her toes in her mouth. Brent was amazed and thought I was crazy for getting excited. He just does not understand that is a big thing for a baby... to find their toes. Of course everything goes straight to the mouth now. I think she would eat, or at least gum anything I put in front of her. She loves to try to steal stuff off our plates at the table. It is so much easier to put her in her highchair and give her a toy and sit by us when we eat. I love it all though and would not trade a single moment.

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoy the new photos.

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Michael and Adriana said...

Don't feel too bad about the ear infections...that has happened with all three of my kids....and I'm a PEDIATRIC NURSE!!!! Sometimes they just don't show obvious signs that they aren't feeling well. She is so's unreal how fast time flies!