Birthday Tickers

Birthday Tickers

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bailey and Daddy- playtime in the floor (that dog is her favorite toy)
Chillin with Pammie


A great morning of playing

Sittin in Daddy's chair with Aunt Brandy

Okay, its been way too long since I updated this blog. Well, we have been busy little bees lately. We went and stayed with Pammie for two weeks and now we are back home. Brent and I went out to the movies with Chad and Brandy this weekend and Bailey got to stay with MarMar and PaPa. On Friday and Saturday I helped Pam and Bailey got to have play day in the car all day. We made a pallet in the back of my tahoe with the seats down and she was happy and warm all day. I turned on the kiddy music and she just smiled and played and napped all day.

There are a few new pics, enjoy!

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BJohnson said...

Love our family picture lol maybe we can retake it at the "summer party"